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Nanyang Cijan Automobile shock absorber Co. Ltd. Cijan Automobile shock absorber factory is the production of automotive shock absorbers, automobile gears, high-speed train shock absorbers and urban rail shock absorber three industry-based listed companies, the total assets of 19 Billion, including Xichuan, Haikou, Wenzhou, Ordos, Liuzhou, Italy, Nanyang and other eight subsidiaries, with annual production of 20 million car shock absorbers, 200,000 sets of   automotive arc teeth, 100,000 rail traffic shock absorber R & D and production capacity.

The company is mainly for the FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Shenlong Automobile, Yutong Bus, China Automobile Group, more than 40 well-known car manufacturers supporting the leading domestic product market share of 15%. Led by Cijan industrial park Gite, Danjiang Mo, Jin Bo Rubber and other industries around the Cijan supporting 81, the industry output value of 90 billion yuan.

In April 2011, the company successfully acquired Italy Way-Assauto shock absorber company, so that the level of automation equipment and R & D capabilities reached a world-class level. November 2011, the company successfully listed on the Hong Kong Main Board, not only for the development of the company to build a financing platform for the company and laid the foundation for international business. In 2013 the company achieved the overall relocation, to achieve a large-scale expansion of the new plant and expansion, a substantial increase in the company's overall competitiveness. October 2014 by the German Daimler headquarters review of global suppliers into the Daimler procurement system. November 26, 2014 formally through the China Automotive Group assessment, as in the car group official railway shock absorber suppliers! 2015 to enter the French PSA global supplier procurement system, at the same time started construction Nanyang ho-fan vehicle parts Co. Ltd.2016 set up Nanyang Way-Assauto shock absorber Co. Ltd,and import SAP and QSB + quality system based on the building. These work for the company to achieve rapid development laid the foundation for the footsteps!

Nanyang Cijan Automobile shock absorber Co. Ltd. Xichuan Automobile shock absorber factory is currently China's largest shock absorber production base.

Through the efforts, "thirteen five" at the end, the company will achieve the output value of 10 billion yuan, driving 100 supporting enterprises to achieve the output value of 10 billion yuan to ensure that the overall competitiveness of Asia, the world's third.

Where there is a car, where there is Cijan. As the industry's forward, we are fully committed to a domestic first-class, world-renowned modern enterprise as the goal, to provide our clients with better products and services, go hand in hand, create brilliant!



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